ICA GFM-2 The Consensus Workshop Method_ English Virtual

Group Facilitation Methods - 2 (GFM-2)

Facilitation has become a necessary skill for leaders in every sphere of life.
Tapping into every person’s wisdom, passion and perspective is not only desired by members of an organization or community, but is critical for it's success.

The Consensus Workshop Method

March  31, and April 1, 6,7  2021 (4 Sessions)

The style required of leaders is changing.  There is an undeniable trend toward direct participation and involvement in problem solving, planning and decision-making.  Organizations are responding by making structural changes that place increasing responsibility in the hands of teams.  Managers, supervisors, all leaders actually, need the capacity to enable groups to maximize their potential for excellence and productivity.  ICA’s Technology of Participation provides facilitators with the Consensus Workshop Method, a structured method that:

  •   Encourages and recognizes contributions from those affected by the outcome
  •   Helps a group deal effectively with large amounts of data in a short time
  •   Integrates participants information into a larger, more coherent picture
  •   Allows you to transform polarization, conflict and diversity towards the greater good
  •   Creates a climate of involvement and engages the participation of each group member


Many facilitators work by instinct.  When something goes wrong they have very little to fall back on.  This course provides a foundation to move with flexibility and safety through any kind of group work.  It will help you to: 

  • facilitate groups effectively
  • hold productive and efficient meetings
  • focus a diverse group's energy on a common goal
  • maximize productivity by eliciting a group's creativity
  • design many different types of meetings for results


You will learn this foundational method through demonstration, learning the theory, doing small group hands-on practice sessions, receiving individual feedback, and exploring practical applications in your own situation.  Basically the course gives you:

  •   A framework for decision-making, communication, planning and problem-solving 
  •   Hands on experience of workshops to elicit vision, contradictions, and strategic actions 
  •   Facilitation skills for encouraging of initiative and responsibility. 



Course Details:
This is a 4 session virtual course, for March  31, and April 1, 6,7  2021 (4 Sessions) at 7 PM to 10:30 PM.
Course Fee: NT$16,000 (570 USD)
Course Re-take Fee:  NT$5,500 (200USD)
*This retake fee is for anyone who has taken courses from any recognized top trainer.  

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2021/01/04 00:00(+0800) ~ 2021/03/30 00:00(+0800) End of Sale
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