ICA WoW 奇蹟之牆 線上課程

                                                WOW - 奇蹟之牆

 6/21 - 19:30-22:30. ( 線上)

在組織及社區發展的一項關鍵工作,是協助成員反思他們目前的故事,並且在需要的時候,幫助他們針對所渴望的未來創造新的故事。奇蹟之牆(Wall of Wonder)是一個以焦點討論法為基礎的流程,它能夠幫助個人及團體了解與創造他們的新故事。

A critical part of organization and community development is helping members to reflect on their current story and when needed, create a new one for the new future they are working towards.  Wall of Wonder is an ORID-based exercise that can help individual and groups to understand and create their new stories. 


  • 幫助團體能夠針對他們過往的旅程分享他們的多樣觀點,並且能夠從中學習。To enable a group to share and learn from their varied perspectives of their journey together. 
  • 使團體能夠了解是什麼形塑了他們在某一段時間的歷程,並且了解是什麼讓他們來到目前的位置。To enable a group to realize over a specific period of time, what has shaped that journey and what has brought them to their current position. 


本課程的設計也應用了ICA文化事業學會的成人學習流程(Adult Learning Flow):示範-設計-練習-反思。The ICA Adult Learning Flow applies to this design as well Demonstration - Design – Practice – Reflect

這個設計讓每位學員都能了解並且練習奇蹟之牆這個流程。This flow allows everyone in the room to understand and practice the process

由於焦點討論法是奇蹟之牆的重要基礎,因此具備焦點討論法的相關知識能夠幫助奇蹟之牆的問題設計來獲得渴望的成果。The approach draws heavily on the Focused Conversation method; therefore knowledge of the process is helpful to design appropriate questions towards the desired outcome. 

天母_沃田旅館 / 11156 台北市士林區中山北路七段127號

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