Client Care, Image Change and Design (6 Sessions) 2025 Feb.

Client Care, Image Change and Design

 2025 Feb.  ( 19:30 - 22:30 , Taipei Time) (6 Sessions) 

This program is designed to help facilitators trainer and coaches collaborate with their clients and design for transformation.  We are redesigning it based on two other courses that each worked on differenct aspects but we beileive combining them will support an exploration that fits new and experienced facilitators.


We will share with you the same approach we use of designing for change while nurturing the relationship and adapting to reality.  Building empathy into our process, this is an introduction to the ICA process for strategic context building to support transformation based on Stakeholder Alignment.


Our design presuppositions include

  1. Definition of the task and strategy will continue to evolve, therefore your first task is to understand the current definition of transformation, and while serving that, to be ready for the new understandings that will emerge.  
  1. Change is never abstract.  It is emotional and consistently inconsistent- Your task is to be clear on who the sponsors are and make sure you are supporting them to evolve along with the reality. 
  1. Facilitation is about supporting the group to emerge to a new level of cooperation and commitment, it is not about control.  Your role is to facilitate what is happening, not what you thought would or should be happening. 

Key learning elements

Assessment  – 

  • Understanding the situation and past journey
  • Practice in Assessing Client Understanding of Need


Align Client Relationships –  

  • Establishing a relationship toward the future
  • Practice Facilitator role in Reconciliation toward Change and Forming the Coalition for Change

Designing with Intention

  • Facilitators and trainers today serve clients who are acting out of images or mental models that are, consciously or not, influencing their behavior.   Images have an extraordinary power in communication and facilitation because they instantly reveal relationships while tapping into memory and intuition.  They are key to releasing intention and will.  This program is designed to help facilitators and educators develop innovative lesson plans and explore more participative approaches to teaching and learning.
  • Enancing group process by expanding access to desing tools and theories
    • Image Theory
    • Multiple Intelligences
  • Comprehensive Design Strategy
    • Design framwrk
    • Lessn and meeting choreography




  • Reframe facilitation and teaching as a transformational process
  • Ability to maximize the impact of meetings and planning sessions by the intentional use of verbal and visual images.
  • Confidence in designing programs and meetings to achieve maximum outcomes using the Comprehensive Design Strategy. (Comprehensive Design Strategy),


Who Should Take This Course:  Professional facilitators, trainers, educators, organizational and social change agents, team leaders, and human resources professionals and consultants.


Course Fee :

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Retake fee NTD 11500 USD 368

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