Group Process Facilitation: Focused Conversation -GFM 1 (Virtual. English. 4 Sessions)July 11, 15, 18, 22

Group Process Facilitation

The Focused Conversation

July 11, 15, 18, 22 ( 19:30 - 22:30 GMT+8, TW time)

Learn proven processes for activating group participation. Gain hands-on experience practicing facilitation methods and exploring ways to apply them to your specific situation.

The Focused Conversation Method. Learn a structured process that helps you plan and facilitate a meaningful exchange of ideas. Discover ways to involve every member in thinking through diverse and difficult issues. This process heightens your effectiveness in facilitating virtually every form of group communication.

  • Conduct purposeful, productive meetings and discussions
  • Quickly capture a group’s best thinking
  • Surface new ideas and solutions
  • Ask questions that stimulate candid feedback and discussion

An Experiential Learning Approach. You will experience the methods in use, talk about the theory behind them, prepare facilitation plans, practice them in small groups, and get feedback on your style and skills.

Immediate Application of What You’ve Learned. The course provides you with practical tools
and ways to apply and adapt the Focused Conversation in a variety of group and one-on-one situations to promote facilitative leadership and aid the creating of a culture of participation in the

A Relaxed and Interactive Small Group Learning Environment with facilitators and participants who bring diverse experience in large and small businesses, not-for - profits,
community agencies, governmental organizations, educational institutions and neighborhoods.
Courses are intentionally limited in size to ensure the highest levels of participation and learning.

Participant Workbook clearly outlines the steps for the method.

Who Should Take This Course?
People who are involved in the leadership and facilitation of groups and teams including: neighborhood leaders, supervisors, executive directors, managers, professional facilitators, private
consultants, training managers, coaches, educators, health practitioners, community specialists, concerned citizens and team members. Easily adapted for use in high participation environments as well as one-on-one coaching and mentoring.


  • Reduces time spent on conflict resolution and prevents conflicts
  • Allows groups to discover their own motivation
  • Gets a deepened personal understanding and commitment on the subject discussed
  • Points to substantial results


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