ICA Participatory Strategic Planning (PSP)_English Virtual

ICA Participatory Strategic Planning (PSP)

July 23 (8pm), 24 (1130am), 26(8pm), 27(8pm), 29(8pm) 2021
(Five Sessions)


A Participatory Planning Process That Leads To Action and Commitment

*Pre-requisite: GFM-1 Focused Conversation and GFM-2 Consensus Workshop Courses


The benefits of participatory planning include its beginning with the most concrete and immediate, then longer term enhancement of productivity and effectiveness.

1. The specific plans themselves - strategies, solutions, action plans.

2. Greater commitment and ability to implement decisions and strategies.

3. Creativity and innovation - a larger portfolio of ideas.

4. A common framework for decision-making, communication, planning and problem-solving

5. Encouragement of initiative and responsibility.


Through this program you can learn this powerful implementation planning process which enables a group to rapidly create an effective plan, organize needed resources and mobilize individuals' energy and creativity into action.


This course is for those who need to:

1. Focus a shared vision

2. Identify underlying issues and problems

3. Shape practical plans

4. Inspire innovative action


Our methods:

· Create a shared group vision

· Identify and deal with obstacles

· Focus on new directions

· Organize specific action plans


Course Details:
This is a 5 session virtual course, for July 23 (8pm), 24 (1130am), 26(8pm), 27(8pm), 29(8pm) 2021; each course is 3hr 30min.
Course Fee: NT$16,000 (570 USD)
Course Re-take Fee:  NT$5,500 (200USD)
*This retake fee is for anyone who has taken courses from any recognized top trainer.  


Prerequisite: Group Facilitation Methods 1 and 2


The Institute of Cultural Affairs should be applauded, praised and publicized for its decades of teaching “Giants to Dance” Rosabeth Moss Kanter.

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